As a special service to our customers, besides new extrusion die heads we offer repair, retrofitting and rheological optimization of existing die head systems. Typical examples are the exchange of the spiral mandrel manifold in a blown film die or replacing the heartshaped manifold in a parison die head by an ETA spiral mandrel manifold using the same periphery. The result is an affordable solution with unchanged assembly dimensions and identical interfaces. Existing die sets can still be used.

Advantages of Die Heads with ETA Spiral Mandrels Manifolds

  • absence of flow lines, no weak mechanical lines
  • no visible flow marks in articles with high transparency
  • even distribution of circumferential wall thickness
  • broad processing range (throughputs and materials)
  • excellent purging behaviour, fast material and colour changes
  • adaptable to any existing die head design
  • simple provision of multi-layer heads
  • suitable for continuous extrusion and accumulator heads
  • no twisting of the parison

ETA offers various add-on equipment for further improvement

  • coating modules and colour striping adapters in pipe heads
  • melt-shifters in melt flow channels for creating more uniform residence time distribution and for equalising melt temperature
  • heater/cooler units for better temperature control of the systems and for reducing energy losses

ETA Retrofit
ETA Retrofit.pdf (103.19KB)
ETA Retrofit
ETA Retrofit.pdf (103.19KB)